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Contentious probate and will/inheritance disputes

Contentious Probate is the name given to disputes/disagreements that arise once a person has died. 

Some examples of when a situation might be held to be contentious are:

  • The will left by a deceased is suspicious for any reason i.e. content and timing to name but a few
  • The deceased’s estate has been reduced prior to them passing away by somebody other than the deceased leading to a far less valuable estate. 
  • The beneficiaries of the will are not who was expected and family members etc have been included to a lesser extent than they expected. 
  • You were receiving financial support from the deceased but you have been left out of their will
  • There is a dispute between executors and or beneficiaries

We can assist you in deciding whether to challenge the validity of a will, whether to make a claim for the financial provision you believe you are entitled to and in dealing with disputes between beneficiaries and executors. 

If you have a concern about the probate process or believe that it is becoming contentious.  Please do not hesitate to give one of our specialist solicitors a call. 

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