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Intellectual property

Intellectual property (“IP”) is, for most businesses, a significant asset not just in respect of commercial operations and protections, but also when it comes to maximising value in respect of a share or asset sale. It is important for well-established companies as well as start ups to ensure that they are suitably protected with regards to their IP to ensure that they have a strong position as the business develops.

It is also important to regularly review the IP as it is common to initially protect the IP, but it is then forgotten and when the business evolves into a new area, the IP protections in place do not cover this new venture.

We advise on copyright, trade marks, designs, know-how and passing off. We can also provide further advice and assistance on the protection, enforcement and exploitation of IP, which can be essential for the success of your business.

Trademarks and designs – we can assist on all aspects of registration of trademarks and designs for your business in the UK, EU and Internationally.

We can also assist in the drafting of IP related agreements including IP assignment and licensing, non-disclosure agreements, merchandising, distribution, sponsorship, publishing and franchising agreements.

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