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Powers of attorney

Powers of Attorney are documents in which you authorise someone else (an Attorney) to be able to make decisions on your behalf. 

It is our belief that every adult should consider having a power of attorney in place, in order to allow their finances, property and health care decisions to be dealt with in the event of serious accident, long term sickness or mental incapacity. 

We can provide you with advice as to the following types of Power of Attorney; 

  • Lasting Powers Of Attorney (LPA); 
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA) – before October 2007; 
  • General Powers of Attorney. 

Lasting Powers of Attorney can be used to delegate authority to make decisions about property and financial matters and/or the ability to make decisions about health and welfare.  Should you lose mental capacity without having a power of attorney in place, then no one will have automatic authority to manage your affairs, and would be required to apply to the Court of Protection to be appointed as your Deputy.

We advise on the whole process of creating LPAs including the merits of putting LPAs in place, who should be appointed to act as your attorney, how forms should be drafted and what should be included and left you, the registration of the forms with the Office of the Public Guardian and the duties and responsibilities of the Attorneys.

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